Hvorfor Brand Sprint?

Vi har spurt Robert & Carina, samt tidligere brand sprint deltaker Adi Gashi fra Luminzo, hva man kan forvente seg når man melder seg på en brand sprint. Hva er det som skjer på en brand sprint? Også mye annet gøy selvfølgelig. Luminzo Watches har gjennomført en brand sprint, hva er dine erfaringer Adi? Høres ut som det skjer mye … Read More

A word from Harvard Professor Bob Bordone

Negotiation is a central skill for executives, human resource professionals, and managers from all sectors. All of these professionals – knowingly or unknowingly – spend most of their day negotiating. However, despite the ubiquity of negotiation in professional life, relatively few leaders have formal training in the skills of negotiation or conflict management. This master class, by combining theory and … Read More

Transformation in a changing world

Strategic transformation. More specifically brand-based strategic transformation. Disruption of status quo. Creation of a new position. Realization of ambitions. That is what we say we believe in – and we thought it might be a good idea to share what we actually mean.