A word from Harvard Professor Bob Bordone

Welcome to the master Class

Negotiation is a central skill for executives, human resource professionals, and managers from all sectors. All of these professionals – knowingly or unknowingly – spend most of their day negotiating. However, despite the ubiquity of negotiation in professional life, relatively few leaders have formal training in the skills of negotiation or conflict management.

This master class, by combining theory and practice, will aim to improve both the participants’ understanding of negotiation and their effectiveness as negotiators. Participants will spend much of their time engaged in negotiation exercises (as negotiators, third parties, and observers) and in reviewing and critiquing what worked, what did not, and why.

The master class will provide participants a conceptual framework for analyzing, preparing for, and conducting negotiations. While we will teach from a variety of research traditions and perspectives, the main organizing framework will be drawn from the groundbreaking book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, Bill Ury, and Bruce Patton of Harvard Law School. Participants in the workshop will be introduced to the theory of negotiation developed in this book.

This approach seeks to teach top performing professionals the value of negotiating from a principled or problem-solving position.

The course is structured around a series of lectures, case studies, and group de-briefings. Participants will negotiate in groups and one-and-one. The course will use case study materials developed at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. After participants negotiate each case, the instructors will lead the class in a structured review designed to pull out the main learning points.

Any professional who wants to improve their effectiveness in negotiation and hone their skills for management and leadership will benefit from this course.

Our schedule is intensive. Our sessions will meet for two full days, with ample time for lunch, breaks, and networking. We hope you will join us.

Looking forward to seeing you at Støtvig!

Kind regards,

Bob Bordone